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This site is created by and for Sean Berdy's fans, which we affectionately call Berdies or LoveBerdies. Are you a Berdie too? If so, prepare to enjoy a page with items related to Sean Berdy's life and career and lots of his cool stuff. Please feel free to post comments, join our discussions, and exchange information. Meet new Berdies here on our page and keep up-to-date with what Sean Berdy is doing. We hope you have fun and enjoy your Berdie (LoveBerdy) flight!

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So, I still have all of this from the #SwitchedatBirth and I want to give this to the first person who donates $35 to the film "Talk to the Hands" campaign. Go to their website ( and click on donate, choose the $35 incentive and that's it. Forward the receipt with the mailing address to

IMPORTANT NOTE: I can only send to US residents, if you are outside USA, you can send me an email and I'll check about postage expenses.
Also, this is a way I can help with their campaign, however it is only valid if they reach at least $800 by May, so if the campaign is not funded, they won't charge your credit-card and they won't have the money to spend postage to anywhere, even in the USA. That said, if you really want it, make sure to tell your friends to donate as well, even smaller amount like $1, $5.. so that the goal is reached and the campaign is funded and I can send you those memorabilia from the show.

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 Prize list: Props from the show: 2 paper flowers Emmett and Bay used for Prom Senior Year, a UMKC small flag, the map Emmett gave Bay to find the timeline wall of their relationship, 3 pictures of Bay and Emmett, Business Plan from Regina's Class, UMKC students sing up (Take Mingo Out as the RA and Black Student Union) UMKC Envelope, a nurse badge from the hospital where Emmett was after he almost commit suicide.

Extras: Sean Berdy's t-shirt, mug and notepad.


Captioning Sean Berdy's videos on YouTube

 There are many ways you can help us with this project and get known by Sean Berdy himself and his team! See more details:



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Making a Difference

Donate whatever amount you wish to any of our site's activities to promote ASL and Deaf Culture!


Make sure to let us know what your donations is for, otherwise we will be happy to collect it and give it to the Deaf organizations we support in honor of Sean Berdy and his family!

Thank you for your kindness!

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Join our TEAM!

As we expand we want to make sure our site becomes well maintained, diversified and looks great!! So we are seeking volunteers that want to join us on the administration of the site and our social medias.

We are looking for volunteers to help as

- YouTube Video Captions Volunteers:

1- If you know ASL, check the videos and send us a transcript of the ASL parts you interpret.


2- If you know English, check the videos and send us a transcript of the English parts.


3- If you know YouTube Captioning and ASL, go to the clip and add the captions as needed. If you need a transcript, contact us and we will be happy to send you the transcript to input on YouTube, once we have it.


4- If you know YouTube Captioning, but do NOT know ASL, you can still work on the videos that are in English, or even the spoken English parts of the ones in ASL.


Again, every contribution, no matter how seemingly small, is a great help.


Note: If you know ASL and English, and also know how to input the Captioning on YouTube, feel free to do both and help us even more. (Full info:

Discussion Board moderator and article writer. So if you are a strong thinker or interested in writing articles or reviews, this is your opportunity!

- Graphic Designer. We want to maintain the consistency and professional look of the page, so any graphic designer or student, or a great picture editor who wants to show off your talent, come join us.

- Social Media Marketing. As you know we have 4 social media accounts (not counting G+ or YouTube) and those sites need to be updated on a daily basis as well as maintain in contact with the fans questions and comments. Plus, marketing those accounts are also a mastering on Business Marketing for those who work or would like to work with that.

- Deaf Awareness Specialist: This position MUST be filled by a Deaf person or Interpreter. All of the other positions can be too, but this one is imperative that the person we get to help us with this section is knowledgeable of Deaf culture, ASL and Deaf community in general. Show your Deaf pride here so we can show the world too!

We are proud that our administrative team has been doing a great job and our site are growing more and more with highly recognition from many actors and producers from Switched at Birth and the Deaf community, to a point where even Sean Berdy himself also noticed us recently, but our goal is to make him proud of his fans through this community and hope that he will be back interacting with all of us again. For this we want to make it the best and we need your help!

Any person interested please email us with the indication of what you would like to help with. We are interested in getting as many volunteers as possible and we are not bound by only the 4 positions we listed, if you have any other skill or idea that you think can help our community, just send us your thoughts! Please send us an email to: