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Sean talks about hearing/deaf relationships

Posted on March 3, 2012 at 10:00 PM

Sorry this bit of news is a little late! But here it is:

Sean said in an interview with Disney Infonet about what he thinks about Bay and Emmett's relationship, i.e. a Deaf/hearing relationship.

Emmett and Bay are in a relationship on the show. What would it take for a relationship between a deaf person and a hearing person to work out?

A hearing and deaf relationship always starts out with a communication barrier, and that’s often difficult to overcome. But Bay’s learning sign language. She’s a great signer. And Emmett reads lips very well and works with her, so it takes a common language to communicate with. And that’s usually what deaf and hearing couples are faced with. Once they develop that common language like Bay and Emmett have, they can have a serious relationship.

Now we’re going to see whether the wonderful relationship between Bay and Emmett that they’ve built up is going to be destroyed because of what Emmett’s going through with the parents and the divorce and all the drama that’s coming up in the next few episodes. Quite frankly, we’re going to have to watch and see if their love can withstand that.


When asked about his type. or what kind of girl he is attracted to, he's very forthcoming to tell the world that he is attracted to his current girlfriend, Mary. He posts pictures of himself and Mary on Twitter from time to time, and they look adorable together! It's just sad news for the fans who are in love with Sean though. But let's all be happy for him! :)

What type of girl would you be attracted to, hearing or deaf (you personally)?

I’m attracted to my girlfriend right now. I love her very much.

And as for who he looked up to as inspiration in his career... surprise, surprise (I just didn't expect that answer. Haha).

Is there a deaf actor or actress that inspired you to get into acting?

It’s funny. I never really had any deaf inspiration. I’ve always admired Marlee Matlin. What a great woman. What a great heart. What a wonderful actress. And I’ve always looked up to her. As a person, she’s inspiring.

But as a kid performing, I looked up to performers like Jim Carrey oddly enough. He’s one of the big inspirations in my young life, and he still is.


(Source: Disney Infonet)

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Reply Sean Berdy Group
5:19 PM on October 18, 2014 
Britta says...
Is Mary deaf also?

Yes, she is. She is on her 3rd year at Gallaudet University.
Reply Britta
5:12 PM on October 17, 2014 
Is Mary deaf also?

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